10 common recurring dreams are analyzed by a therapist.


Dreams used to be thought of as warnings from the gods. Dream beds that were sanctified by the ancient Egyptians were used to gain wisdom as they slept. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

Matthew Bowes says that modern science about the psychology of dreams is somewhat split. There are people who think dreams have no meaning and others who think they are just random brain stuff. Dreams are an essential part of maintaining our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, by allowing the brain to process trauma, gain self-awareness and find the answers to your waking life dilemmas, according to the belief at the other end of the spectrum. In the 20th century, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung concluded that dreams give insight into the inner workings of our minds. Our unconscious mind reveals images that can offer insight into issues we might be unaware of in waking life.

We asked Bowes to help us analyse some of the recurring dreams of team R29 and give us a helping hand. Here is what he said. Extra insight into how to be your best self and navigate the many obstacles that life can throw your way doesn’t sound bad. Having a dream is one thing, but understanding its hidden messages is another.

I wake up sweating after dreaming about being chased. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

The degree to which you are avoiding an issue that needs to be addressed is shown by the degree to which you are being chased. Maybe you have been risk-avoidant or have held back on confronting something that is frightening. If you have been avoiding certain issues by sticking your head in the sand or going through a situation that frightens you on some level, dreaming that you are being chased is pretty common, says Bowes.

Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author. The recurring dream invites you to face up to reality so you can move forward.

It could be nothing to do with work if you have a dream about being fired. It could represent the balance of power in a relationship, and a deep-rooted fear that the relationship will end. I have a recurring dream about being fired.

Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author. If you are not suffering from imposter syndrome in the workplace and you are experiencing this dream frequently, it might be time to analyse the relationship and make some changes.

Being overwhelmed by tiny monsters like spiders and worms may indicate that there are little irritations or worries creeping up on you. I often dream of being surrounded by spiders.

Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author. If you start dreaming about bugs, it’s a sign that you’ve reached a point where decisive action needs to be taken if you don’t want to feel as frightened as you do in your dream

The power of flight in a dream can show how liberated you are in waking life, with the sense that anything is possible. I dream of being able to fly a lot.

According to Bowes, flying can indicate that you are not being grounded. There is a difference between optimism and delusion. If that is how you are feeling, it is a good time to try something you have wanted to do for a while.

I have a recurring dream where I see planes crash. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

If you dream of being able to take control of the aircraft but it is now flying closer to the ground, it might indicate that you have the capacity within you to see it through but in a less grandiose manner. An anxiety that a new venture is doomed to fail could be the reason for a crash. How this is resolved in the dream could be used to guide you in the real world.

If I have had several dreams about my teeth falling out, what does that mean? Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

It’s time to remind yourself that we all get better with age. Have you been focusing on your age recently? The dream of teeth falling out is a common dream associated with the aging process.

I am past my school days but I still dream about failing my college exam. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

This happens when you worry about your performance at work or feel like you aren’t good enough in your dreams. It is time to address your lack of self-confidence if you are dreaming about this often. This dream is not real because it has been years since you left school. It can indicate anxiousness and a tendency to put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

I dream of a car swerving out of control. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

Maybe you are doing something to excess, like shopping, drinking, and working out, so you think you can’t control the vehicle you’re in. Seek professional advice if you are worried that you can’t get a handle on your behavior. Being in an out-of-control vehicle in a dream can convey a feeling of being off track and lacking control in waking life.

Being late is my most common recurring dream. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

If it is the latter, remind yourself that you are on your own journey and that there is no need to have a hard and fast deadline for your life goals. Being late for something may indicate that you are running out of time. If that is the case, you should ask yourself if the timelines for your life goals have been imposed by you or if they have been influenced by societal expectations.

I often dream about an ex. Naomi Blundell Meyer is an author.

If you are reminded of what happened with your ex, you will have a better idea of what went wrong. You can use this to address what needs attention in your relationship. It may feel like you are going backwards when you dream about an ex but in reality it suggests there is a similar pattern in your current relationship that you need to nip in the bud, according to Bowes.

If you are worried, frightened, or stressed out about your dreams, you should seek professional advice from a counsellor or therapist.

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