A Son’s Tribute to a Father Lost to Covid-19 is an Immigrant, Harvard Dad, NYC Cab Driver story.

Mohammed Jafor smiled when one of his kids did something. His son said that he would light up. His pride in everything that my siblings and I did stood out to me.

He was very involved in the Bengali community in New York. Immigrants from Bangladesh would be given a place to stay by Jafor for a few weeks. In 1991 Jafor came to New York City from Bangladesh. He worked at McDonald’s and lived in Jackson Heights. He brought his wife and oldest son to the US from Bangladesh. In 2000, a baby was born.

Jafor was a single parent to three children after his wife passed away from colon cancer. In the early 2000s, Jafor became a cab driver. He worked six-days per week to give his family the best opportunities.

He believed in the power of education, and his sister is studying history and economics at Trinity School in New York City. He was a person who put his family first. He worked hard to make sure that his family in Bangladesh were taken care of here in America.

Mild Covid-19 symptoms began to develop a week later. He began to have a lot of trouble breathing. His family called for an ambulance.

The Covid-19 outbreak began taking hold of the region in early March. Jafor wore a mask inside of his cab. He stopped driving and socially isolated with his children after his son came home from school.

It was a lot to take in. It was very unexpected. What happens here? It wasn’t supposed to happen.

He was put on a ventilator at Montefiore Medical Center after he arrived. His family couldn’t speak to him since his condition accelerated so quickly. The doctors tried everything they could to save him, but they were unsuccessful. Jafor died on April 1st at the age of 56, after none of the treatments worked.

He said that his dad worked hard for everything. He won’t be able to see the fruits of his hard work through the paths of my brother and sister.

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