As a rock, Steady as a Rock.

As a rock, steady.

We are fools that think you are there. The time is now at hand.

If you are there, we must wait. If you aren’t there.

Who is correct and who is incorrect. To see what you will do.

You have to be happy to look down. Time will tell.

Trying to figure it out. We sniff to investigate the terrain.

Try to make us think differently. Our senses, emotions, and intelligence.

Our pursuit is to discover each other. They battled amongst themselves and then against each other.

Those who believe and those who do not. Who will win?

Both sides are certain that it is right. This is an age-old question that has a lot invested in it.

The time goes on. How long will we be waiting?

Those of us who think wait and wonder. The unbelievers become victorious.

You have called it before. Unperturbed.

The time is now. For nobody is to know, we must remain steadfast.

Your existence is non-existent.

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