Being Well Pub Launches Medika to Increase Writers Reach.

Being Well Pub has launched Medika to increase their writers reach.

Medika Life is not just another medical publication seeking to compete with other platforms, it is now officially live, and we are thrilled to announce that. We want to share how we are different in this story. Medical writers help improve the world with science.

Let us grow together. Robert Turner, Hesham A. Hassaballa, and Dr. Jeff Livingston have updated their submission guidelines. We have tips and tools.

The Being Well Facebook page is promoted by Lisa Bradburn. You can support the page by following and sharing. We can’t grow a publication without you. Growing your followers and spreading validation information is a key part of using the social media platform. You can follow the Being Well writers list.

Many of us feel alone because of months of isolation. The need for human contact during the Pandemic is addressed by Dr. Farrell. The Editor’s Pick.

Public health problems. Maria Cross explains the science behind the ketogenic diet.

Public service announcements and the film industry can help change sentiment around public health issues. This theme is explored by Dr. Farrell in this story. Women and their babies are at risk for diseases. We can prevent these infections.

We need to wash our hands to stop the spread of the disease. Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa gives us an explanation. There is a coronaviruses.

The rapid pace of Covid research has led to an expansion of knowledge and advances in the field. Robert Turner thought about the future and the possibility of a free flu season. Hospitals are struggling during the Pandemic. The threat to rural health is highlighted by Grant.

It is not a race. It’s not related to politics. Dr. Hassaballa debunks the excuse against wearing masks.

Moataz El Ashmawi helps us understand the disease. Dr. Gros explains the science behind the protective effects of masks to stop the spread of respiratory infections.

Dr. Farrell talks about the side effects of treatments. Mental health issues.

Dr. Farrell talks about the link between pollution and Alzheimer’s disease. There is a rise in anxiety and mood disorders. Grant H Brenner explores how parents can help.

Medicare patients face access to care problems when they seek mental health assistance. Society.

The challenges of teaching young people how to distinguish between science and science-ish are shared by Emily Kingsley. Our words have power, that’s what they are. Negative words can cause emotional pain and physical damage.

The legal and ethical issues surrounding physician-assisted suicide are explored by Adam Tabriz, MD. James Goydos highlighted the nonsensical use of healthcare industry’s continued use of antiquated technology.

The relationship between overweight people and cancer can be found in thirteen different types of cancer. Nutrition.

Are you going to lose weight? Jokbas Sireikis debunks myths.

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