Creativity is not working behind leisure.

Every human has their own unique creativity. Under the right conditions, creativity emerges. One of the most important conditions is financial opportunities and a comfortable life.

By its nature, creativity means this. Nobody has unlimited possibilities, only a few have more, and these are more beneficial. From this point of view, revealing something from scratch is using the available resources to create something that has never been created before.

If a person has time, he can allocate the things he has set up in his mind and resources. Despite the limited opportunities at their disposal, people from different parts of the world create creative works. Sometimes it would be a statue, sometimes a car prototype, and sometimes a book.

It’s not possible to produce something that doesn’t exist without spending a lot of time on it and thinking. Creative people devote a lot of time to their work. If you think you have to work hard and support what you want to do, you are wrong. If we understand that we have a lot of opportunities in our hands, and that it is possible to make something out of them, then we can look at the second important point to produce something. This is working, as we can all imagine.

We should close ourselves to any new information that may come from outside because we constantly learn something in the field we have focused on, trying to find out something, drown in details. It is very important to shut yourself out while you are concentrating on a task, but the longer it takes, the less new things enter our brains. Creating free time and engaging in other things are the most important ways to increase your creativity. The act of creating will be easier to understand the more we evaluate it.

New things are added to us by what we see and meet outside. The story inside is fed by the story outside. Being open to new things is what being creative means. The more information and data enters the brain, the better it is at recognizing, processing and producing something.

The brain needs time to process information, make sense of it, and regulate it in a healthy way. On the other hand, he can’t learn or do anything intensely while thinking about something, because he can only do it in a single moment. Our brains make a serious effort when learning something. The brain needs rest to improve. The body doesn’t have time to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals due to the work out the muscles, so you can’t go to the gym every day. Each information entering the brain is a new neuron and the information set is a neuron network.

We have all experienced it. When an idea comes to mind, it’s not always when we think the most, but when we think the least. Our brain is able to process the data and information in such a short time. If you increase your mental capacity on the one hand and give your mind a chance to evaluate them on the other, you will get new information and experiences in return for what you have not done before, or what can be put forward in the context of creating.

Even if this time makes no sense to you, the balance between the time you spend to produce something and the time you can define as leisure is important.

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