Goodbye! For Now.

goodbye! For now.

I am not good at taking time off, and I have felt a greater need for it in my 30 years of journalism. After nearly 12 months of reporting and thinking about the coronaviruses and other aspects of the human condition, I am taking the next two weeks to stop reporting, newsletters, and social media. I need to think, not think, evaluate, and come back refreshed. I hope you have some time to get away, even if it is just to escape within your own mind, perhaps in your own home, at least for a stretch. I wrote about this. It is time to rest and prepare for 2021.

There is a rating for this. I am me. You are. Everyone needs a break right now. 40% of people who say they are burned out at work blame the Pandemic and the disruption of working from home. We Americans are terrible at taking time off. We tend to return to work more motivated when we leave. In a survey commissioned by the American Psychological Association, more than half of Americans said they return to work more motivated after a vacation, and more than half said they come back with more energy and a more positive mood. Most Americans say their organization isn’t supportive about time off, so the whole idea of a vacation isStressful. You need some time off. You have to accept it. It will be enjoyable. You should do it again. Read more about why and how.

The reality is that successful entrepreneurs have a wide range of talents and qualities that seem to put them in a league of their own. Even though nobody has the full range of abilities to guarantee success in small business, just about everyone has enough of the right entrepreneurial stuff to pursue their small-business dreams. The key is to identify your talents, develop them, and surround yourself with a team that has the skills you don’t. If you have the right stuff, check it out. I researched and wrote about how to be a successful entrepreneur for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

There is a rating for this. Research debunks the myth of youth having a leg up at starting businesses and shows advantages in wisdom, connections and practical experience. Read the whole thing.

Briefly… Humans around the globe use their 40-plus facial muscles to express common emotions with the same basic smiles, scowls and other familiar looks, according to new research published in the journal Nature. Past studies show that there are differences. Read the whole thing.

Earbuds are on the verge of a major transformation akin to the evolution from phone to phone, an expert says. Read the whole thing. Nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure, and new research shows why they should try to lower it. The decline in brain function can be accelerated by high blood pressure. Read the whole thing.

The Corinthian. There is a rating for this.

Three researchers wrote in The Conversation that creativity is not happening due to the Pandemic because of chance encounters with friends, casual acquaintances and complete strangers. Read the whole thing. I was struck by the fact that many things that we take for granted, such as small pleasures and larger ways of life, are being disrupted by the Pandemic. I wrote about some of these things in a within this website post. Feel free to add to the list.

Briefly… There is no question that face masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19, protecting both the wearer and others. Since new cases and deaths continue to soar, one big question is how long we will all have to cover our faces. You might not like the answer, but I bet you will be surprised by what you learn about the vaccines. You can find out.

I wrote this in July and it is still true today. While most of us will have to wait months to get a Covid vaccine, we can all get a flu shot today and lower the risk and burden for ourselves and health care workers. Read the whole thing. According to a new study, Covid-19 is five times deadlier than the flu. Read the whole thing.

The U.S. Covid numbers are updated frequently. The Covid test is slightly less accurate than gold standard laboratory tests designed to look for coronaviruses genetic material with a technique called P.C.R. Read the whole thing.

Science gathers knowledge faster than society does. There are words of wisdom.

There is a rating for this. Isiac Asimov.

It may be just a wee bit better if you see you next year.

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