Have we been successful with vaccine development?

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The vaccine development timelines have been compared. How successful have we been with vaccine development in the past?

It took 25 years to develop a vaccine for the Spanish Flu. It took 43 years for the first vaccine to be created for the disease. We have an answer to the problem of AIDS, even though we are still waiting for a cure.

The average life expectancy has increased due to technological advances in medicine. It is somewhat puzzling as to why we have not been able to develop a vaccine for diseases like AIDS for 40 years, whereas multiple COVID-19 vaccinations have already been rolled out in record time. The experts are scrutinizing the recently developed vaccines for their safety.

More than 7 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been pre- purchased by countries and organizations around the globe. High and middle-income countries have hogged the purchasing process by ordering dosages according to their purchasing power. According to the data from the World Health Organization, 10 million deaths have been prevented by previous vaccines. We hope the case is the same for COVID-19. Since the turn of the 20th century, the timelines for vaccine development have been looked at. The major steps involved in the development of individual vaccines are highlighted.

The image is from the visual capitalist. It is going to be a long road to get to pre-COVID normalcy, as the hope is that a global vaccine initiative like the COVAX can bring some equality in the vaccine distribution among high-income and low-income countries. If you want to follow the development process for various endeavors being undertaken right now, you can use the link for the COVID-19 vaccine tracker.

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