How do I deal with negative thoughts when I have to code?

When I have to code, how do I deal with negative thoughts?

Ellen Wittlinger said that when there is an elephant in the room, you can’t pretend it isn’t there. I stopped distraction from ruining my career.

Over the last six months, I have dealt with negative emotions while sitting in front of a computer trying to code. I put the word “I” in evidence for the first time in this article as my main goal is to focus on readers. With the hard times we are all going through, I felt that giving a cookie-cutter solution to personal problems wasn’t fair.

My boss doesn’t pay me to watch movies. They pay me 40 hours a week to make their problems their own. As a professional, I have to deal with that. When you are not working, dealing with bad feelings and anxiety is different. Getting distracted by a movie, laying down and letting your thoughts go are some ways to soothe yourself.

I used these methods as my first-aid kit during these tough times. They helped me get back to work and maybe even keep my job.

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