It was a rod through the head.

Have you heard of him? There is a person named Phineas Gage. An iron rod pierced through the left cheek of a railroad worker who survived an explosion.

A railroad worker named Phineas Gage was in Vermont. He was handling gun powder with an iron rod at work. An explosion occurred when he was using the iron rod to handle the gun powder. He had an iron rod through his brain and cheek. He was able to talk and walk after the accident. 4–5).

You are probably wondering. How about him? He was a popular patient for the field of neuroscience. There is one The science of his behavior after the event was interesting to me.

He had an iron rod through his brain. Does this mean that the kind of person you are affects the way your brain works? To answer this question, we need to understand what the brain’s frontal cortex is. After his accident, people said that he was a different person. Neuroscience is what it has to do with.

The accident and treatment of Gage played a big part in the field of neurology. The case helped scientists understand the role of the brain. 16–16).

The frontal lobes are responsible for a lot of things. Higher-order thinking, personality, and decision making are some of them. People who knew Gage said that he was a different person after the accident. The way he started acting made him seem like he was a different person, since his personality and thinking went through his frontal cortex.

“Cherry” is the name of the person. There is a famous case of a brain injury. Verywell Mind has a story about Phineas Gage’s brain injury.

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