She lost her baby after people trashed her TWITTER.

The baby was lost by the person who Trashed her.

The author of “Lipstick Jungle” is on social media Her brand of vulnerability matters because of that.

She wrote an update on her baby with John Legend. Some of the responses were appalling when I caught one of the posts.

A user who calls themselves Rob asked. A huge clot almost killed me this morning. It seemed like hours to hear the heartbeat. I never imagined I would sigh so much in my bedroom.

A user going by the name of Jack chimed in. What is the reason for posting such personal information on a public platform?

Then there was Hautechick69. I wouldn’t use social media to talk about my root canal. I don’t see how anyone would need to know about my business.

Someone wrote a letter to Cheryl. Even though you have a lot of followers, you should not post everything at once. You have to have class sometimes.

Rob and company’s audacity enraged me. I joked about it. I am all about sharing personal information like this with close friends who could offer support, but to put it on the internet for complete strangers to see? Why would you want to share it with so many other people? What are the boundaries? All is well, sincerely glad.

I wrote in another post. Can we get a list of topics for women to talk about on social media? White men, you are just itching to put in your six cents.

The sad thing about this is that the baby was lost by John and Chrissy. After the blood clot scare, Chrissy posted two more heartbreaking updates. These two images were contained in the first.

A white dude on a horse tried to shamechrissyteigen for talking about a miscarriage scare. Why am I such a writer? Some men think that women shouldn’t talk about things.

We are shocked by the kind of deep pain we have never felt before. The post said that they were never able to stop the bleeding and give the baby the fluids he needed. It just wasn’t enough. Before we leave the hospital, we never decide on our babies’ names. For some reason, we started to call this little guy Jack. He will always be Jack to us. Jack worked so hard to be a part of our family and will be forever. I am so sorry that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive the first few moments of your life. We will always be with you. Everyone who has sent us positive energy, thoughts and prayers, thank you. We are very appreciative of all of your love and support. We will cry our eyes out on this dark day. We will get through it by hugging and loving each other harder. The image is text.

There was no baby in the car. How can this be believable? This was the second update.

There is nothing worse. I am so sorry. This happened. Thousands of fans and followers expressed their sympathies, but others still felt the need to trash talk.

You are wrong. Something worse is what it is. The baby dies on purpose. That is much, much worse. Text:

There is a God. I don’t like social media.

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