The majority of Viruses are friendly to us.

Viruses are beneficial to us.

The relationship between the viruses and their hosts is very bad. They invade the host cell, take over its cellular machinery, and then release new viral particles that will spread and cause illness. Here is the good, you have heard the bad.

Bacteriophages. They are not all bad. Some viruses can kill germs, while others can be dangerous. Our body has several protective viruses.

For nearly a century, pheages have been used to treat infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella and skin infections. Local water bodies, dirt, air, sewage and even body fluids from patients were early sources of phages for therapy. The mucus lining in the reproductive tract is home to these types of viruses. Studies show that the phages present in the mucus are part of the human immune system.

How the phages were found. The phages are genetically engineered. The most effective strains are tested against the targetbacteria, and the individual strains are purified into a potent concentration.

d’Herelle was able to identify the cause of the illness by isolating the Shigella that caused it. He noticed that in some places, the Shigella was being destroyed by a new virus. He used the virus to treat his patients after testing it on himself. Felix d’Herelle, a Canadian born doctor, discovered Bacteriophages while studying the feces of French soldiers.

100,000,000,000 viruses are found in every liter of the sea. Doctors were not comfortable with the idea of injecting live viruses into patients. Antibiotics were used in the treatment of diseases. As protectors of the water, phages are an important part of our world today.

There aregenous retroviruses. There is a lot of viruses in the ocean. The marine phages make up part of the population. Between 15 and 20% of nasty oceanbacteria are destroyed each day, which prevents them from spreading. Water-borne illnesses would wreak havoc without the help of phages.

HERV-W was discovered in 1999 by Jen-LucBlond. syncytin is an essential component of the bonding of cells in the outer layer of the placenta. Without this retroviruses, we wouldn’t be able to carry children. We can thank the viruses for the survival of our species.

Humans and animals are capable of generating these viruses. The viruses insert their genetic information into the host. Our genes are shaped when the host’s cells divide.

Natural killer cells can identify cancer cells. Natural killer cells are given a foreign substance that can cause an immune response in the body to identify tumour cells. There are non-symptomatic herpes viruses.

This is a survival tactic by the viruses to last longer within their host, and also to get rid of competitive viruses to prevent them from damaging the host. In the future, modified versions of viruses could be used to target cancer cells.

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