The people are still on vacation.

I am sadly mistaken every time I think people can’t do more with their stupidity. stupidity, yes. Do you prefer dangerous behavior? Either works well.

The numbers give you the idea that travel is a good idea. It would be one thing if people were on vacation and not with people. That is not the case. People are still going to Disney. The water parks are not included in the announcement that the park is open for business. In the United States alone, there have been almost 270k deaths from the novel coronaviruses.

It’s important to wear a mask. You can’t tell me that a large crowd at Disney isn’t a recipe for disaster. It is dangerous and destructive. No amount of memory making is worth the chance of death or severe illness. If you are over the age of 2, you wear a mask all the time.

It would be great to go on vacation. We have been at home since March and have been invading one another’s space constantly. It is nice to spend time with your family, but it is not enough. There is no vacation on this planet that is worth our continued health. We didn’t go to a small Thanksgiving get-together to make sure we were free of the virus.

I blame the companies for agreeing to open in such a dangerous situation. I blame our government for not doing more to stop this. I blame the people of the United States who can’t put their plans on hold for a little longer in order to remain safe.

The world is not what it has always been. We have to adapt to it. If you will, roll with the punches. Stay home this holiday season and plan your vacations when it is safer. Your vacation memories could be the last ones you make.

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