Writers express gratitude during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Writers express their gratitude during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It is Thanksgiving 2020. It’s important to find a way to be grateful for what we have been given. The Being Well writing team celebrates our lives, our families, and our health as the world struggles through the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Being Well writers are still searching for answers.

We often think about happiness when we think about grace. Dr. Farrell reminds us in her story When Great Is Never Good Enough that we need to make peace with ourselves if we want to chase happiness. We will continue to write and bring up-to-date, scientifically proven content to our readers around the world. There, But For The Grace of God, Go I was written by Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa.

I try to find new writers and contributors. I was happy when Nzuekoh Nchinda, MD, a University of Washington general surgery resident, shared her story about when a scalpel cut doesn’t bring complete healing. She shows us how a doctor-in-training sees the world. During our training, she reminds us of the importance of mentorship. The human element of care shines bright, as she shows her respect for her young patient and family.

The Being Well team has a lot of new members. I am touched to see that our followers continue to grow, because each writer brings value to our community. I am very proud to see our writers comment on each other’s work.

The Holiday Season begins after Thanksgiving. The flu season is about to start in the middle of a Covid-19 surge. My story was featured in the within this website Coronaviruses Blog Doctors Sound the Alarm on Covid-19 Cases. Is anyone paying attention?

Being Well celebrates our writers’ diversity. Many healthcare provider authors are here. Patients are encouraged to share their experiences. In her story Finding Gratitude in the Face of Despair, the author finds aid through the kindness of strangers.

There is a coronaviruses. I would like to thank Raven the Science Maven for reminding us that science is enjoyable. Her rap explanation of immunology is very good. You can check it out here.

Further guidance may be provided by previous Pandemics. Can the Covid-19 Virus Alter Our DNA? is a book by Robert Turner about the long-term genetic consequences of the 1918 Spanish Flu. A dark winter has been warned by world experts. The next few months are going to be difficult. We don’t repeat the same mistakes in science because we learn from the past. In What Will Winter Bring for Covid-19?, Walter Harrington talks about how our understanding of the flu gives us clues about what to expect this winter.

Many are wondering if too many choices will create a new set of problems. A research scientist doesn’t think so. Consumer behavior research does not apply to vaccinations in his story. We received more encouraging Covid-19 vaccine news just in time for winter. There is no chance of a vaccine playing a meaningful role in the next three months because the leading vaccine candidates require two doses one month apart.

One of the first challenges for President-elect Joe Biden will be the roll out of vaccines. The mental health needs of healthcare providers and patients are not forgotten. An Open Letter to President-elect Biden: Psychiatry and The Covid-19 Advisory Board was written by Psychiatrist Grant H Brenner.

The cost may affect access to the vaccine. CNN helped kick off the vaccine bidding wars. What is your health worth?

Many of us are working to get rid of the quarantine 15. J.J. Pryor is the founder of Feedium, a within this website publication. It’s fitness.

Mental health issues. Michael Hunter MD continues to give us actionable fitness tips to help us achieve our goals.

When meeting someone new, therapists work to build trusting relationships. In her story How Therapists create Useful Relationships with New Clients, these lessons apply to all of us. In Six Ways Developmental Trauma Shapes Adult Identity, Grant Brenner shows us how trauma affects our relationships later in life.

The Eagerly Agreeable Dishonest Brain is one of the reasons why lying becomes easier. She tells us that it is time to throw out an outdated test in her story It’s About Time We Trashed the Questionable Rorschach. In Why I Won’t Miss Clinical Dentistry, a dentist explains why she is leaving her job.

Medika Life launched a new consumer safety project. Robert Turner and the Medika team focus on protecting vulnerable groups by focusing on quacks. Society.

Older adults are more at risk than others. For some, nursing homes mean loss of independence and a broken heart, as Dr. Farrell explains. She talks about the challenges in “I Want to Go Home!”. In nursing homes, there are horrible things happening. Children’s lives are put at risk by the failure to regulate dangerous products. There is a disturbing story called Debunking Bleach and Chlorine Dioxide as a Medical Treatment.

Climate change and environmental research can be used to show the negative effects on our health in The Double Burden of Respiratory NCDs and Air Pollution. General health problems.

Can computer vision be used to detect cancer? James Goydos, MD, explains the upcoming technological innovation in Skin Cancer and Computer Vision. The pollution problem won’t help our next author, Dr. Rich Sobel, who shares his battle with asthma and hay fever in We’re Just Big Slime Buckets.

The submission guidelines have been updated to help you get your stories published. We have tips and tools. Join the team. Maybe there are benefits to a dirty environment? New research on infant immune development is analyzed by Tara.

We can’t grow a publication without you. Growing your followers and spreading validation information is a key part of using the social media platform. You can follow the Being Well writers list. Let us grow together.

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