You should be shocked by the fact that only 49% of Americans plan to be vaccinated.

I am always fascinated by the things people can do. Vaccines are one of those. We can find ways to become immune to the same viruses without getting sick.

A survey done in May 2020 by the AP-NORC Center showed that a majority of Americans plan to get vaccinations. Sometimes people can be too nice to me.

Young people are less willing to get vaccine than older people. Old people tend to be more skeptical than younger people. They are the ones who risk more fatal problems. The image is from

Democrats are more likely to get vaccinations than Republicans. I didn’t think it would surprise me. I know I can be biased, but don’t take it personally, I know I can be smart too. The numbers speak for themselves. I was surprised that Independents are the most unsure. They are very moderate in their political views. It is not a bad thing.

White people are more willing to get vaccinations than minorities. The economical status is more important than the race, I think. Whites in the US have a higher average income than minorities. They may be concerned about the indirect costs of vaccine. It is my personal hypothesis.

There are obvious reasons why one would get the vaccine. The most common ones are protecting oneself, one’s family and the community. I was curious as to why one wouldn’t get the vaccine. The image is from

The reasons are very concerning. The top five will be explored in a moment. The image is from

The image is by quotidianosanita. There have been similar studies done all over the world. The situation is the same in Europe. In Italy, a similar poll has been conducted and it shows the same results.

In the rest of the story, I will explore the reasons why people don’t get vaccinations. If a vaccine against COVID-19 is identified, I will be willing to get a vaccine. Left to right, the answers are: absolutely unlikely, somewhat unlikely, neither unlikely nor likely, and very likely.

There is a lot of misinformation about vaccines. The World Health Organization listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the 10 major global health threats. It was in the year 2019. Ignorance is just as dangerous as the virus.

I would be concerned about the vaccine’s side effects. There are side effects of vaccines and they are not 100% safe. The side effects of any drug are not worse or more frequent than they are. The benefits and risks of a vaccine will be scientifically proven. There are other concerns held by a larger share of the population that are not related to the vaccine causality. Let’s take a look at those shown in the poll.

I don’t worry about getting seriously ill from the coronaviruses. More about that later. I would be concerned if I got the coronaviruses from the vaccine. That is the whole point. You get infections so that you can build immunity, but with a weakened virus that is unable to reproduce.

The coronaviruses outbreak is not as serious as some people think. Is that still happening? In a year without the lockdown, coronaviruses have killed more than usual. It has been proven that coronaviruses is more contagious than a bad flu.

I don’t think vaccines work well. Most vaccines do not have a 100% efficacy rate. Every year a new vaccine is needed. What do you have to lose? Even if the vaccine doesn’t work for you, it will give you a partial immunity and you won’t have to worry about serious symptoms from an infection.

People are getting bored with carbon dioxide. Scientists are working hard on a vaccine to end the global crisis, but they can be rendered useless by humanIgnorance.

Fear has been reduced. People are expected to behave with common sense and wear masks in most countries. If it is a bit uncomfortable, people will not do something that is not mandatory. It is too hot to wear masks. Who cares about that? We were stuck at home for three months. We don’t care anymore because it’s part of our normal life.

Studies show that the protests did not increase the spread of COVID. I don’t understand why I’m saying all this. The point I want to make is that people don’t care about cobra anymore. Even if the protests didn’t happen, most people knew they would increase the spread. They did not care.

For example, take BLM protests. This was the worst time for these protests to happen. Allow me to share an unpopular opinion. They are not going to fix anything. The US has a deep history of racism. Slavery created a vicious circle in which low opportunities for Blacks fed each other. Blacks got less chances to prove themselves after they were granted equal rights. It will take more than protests to fix racism.

This is not correct. A virus never gets weaker by itself. It will only get stronger. It is basic evolution. Most people think that COVID has gotten weaker because of the summer weather.

The spread will likely get a second wave after the summer. The summer is when the virus gets more contagious, so it will adapt to a more difficult environment. I won’t make any more predictions because I’m not a virologist.

The spread has slowed down a bit with the higher temperature. The hot weather causes saliva drops to evaporate faster and the virus to spread more difficult. The virus is the same as before.

Actions matter. It all started with a single person. The summer is quiet. Things look good in Europe. In Italy, we only get 100 to 200 new cases a day. Things in the US look very, very bad. People don’t care anymore.

This is either ignorant or selfish, that’s what it is. As we are required to wear masks to protect others, we should get vaccinations to protect ourselves and avoid being carriers of the viruses. If you don’t get vaccinations, you may put other people at risk. One of the reasons why people wouldn’t get vaccinations was that they weren’t concerned about getting ill from the coronaviruses.

There are almost 11,000,000 confirmed cases, but the actual number is probably 5 or 10 times higher. It only took one person. You can also get it on the 2–3 people. Each of these people is a carrier that could potentially cause a disease. Hundreds or thousands of people could get infections because you didn’t get vaccinations. It all began with a single person.

50 to 70% of the population would need to bevaccinated to achieve herd immunity, according to estimates. Even if you don’t care about getting sick, you should get vaccinations for your friends, family, and community. It can make a difference.

There are other challenges we are facing in this epidemic. The role of our opinions and decisions as responsible citizens poses a bigger challenge that will shape our future even beyond the Pandemic.

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